Why Renting a Car for a Road Trip is Always a Good Idea

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By their very nature, road trips require a vehicle, though there’s no reason it has to be your own. Even if you’ve got a set of wheels that could do the job, renting a car can be advantageous. From increasing your comfort to preserving your own vehicle, there are a host of benefits to renting a car for a road trip. Let’s explore in more detail.

1. You Can Choose a Newer Car 

Maybe your car is well past its prime, and you’d like something newer to escort you on your journey. Maybe it’s not well suited to the type of trip you want to take. Maybe you need more room for passengers, baggage, or outdoor equipment like bikes and tents. 

No matter the case, renting a car lets you get the features that will best serve you on the trip. Newer cars tend to have the bells and whistles that make roadtripping easy, such as Bluetooth (to enable GPS from your phone), push button start, car cameras, and reliable heating and air conditioning. 

2. You’ll Be Confident You’re Safe on the Road

When you hop into your car and set off on a road trip without doing a basic check of things like tire pressure, oil, fluids, and brakes, you’re taking a big chance. When inspiration strikes and you simply have to drop everything and go, renting a car for a road trip ensures the vehicle you’re traveling in is road ready. 

3. You May Get Better Gas Mileage

gas station top when renting a car for a road trip

If your vehicle is older, it likely doesn’t have the best gas mileage. As frequent roadtrippers know, poor gas mileage translates to more money spent on fuel, and that’s an expense that can add up fast. Depending on where you’re headed, it might make more sense to rent a car that has gas savings baked in. Most newer models boast great gas mileage, as do smaller cars. 

4. You Can Avoid Putting Miles on Your Car

Racking up miles on your car leads to more repairs and maintenance, so it makes sense to avoid taking it on long trips. Renting a car for your road trip (especially if it’s an extended one), allows you to preserve your car’s condition, which can be advantageous if you’d like to squeeze every bit of life out of it. 

5. You Can Try Different Makes and Models

Thinking of trading in your vehicle for something new? Renting a car for your road trips gives you a chance to get comfortable with different makes and models to see how they handle in various situations (something you can’t do with a simple test drive). After spending hours or days at the wheel, you’ll be sure about what you like or don’t like about the car. 


Want to explore all the ways that renting a car for your road trip could save you a lot of trouble? Search car rental deals now!

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