Our Favorite Long-Distance Road Trip Tips and Tricks

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As exciting as embarking on a long distance road trip can be, there’s a lot to think about. We’ve all left on a trip only to realize all too late that there’s something we forgot to bring or plan for. But fear not — we have a list of helpful road trip tips to prepare you for any cross-country journey.

Mounted Magnets

We’ve all had to fumble with our phone while out on the road. Reaching into your pockets or purse while driving is inconvenient and potentially hazardous. An easy solution is to mount a magnet on your dashboard. Get some heavy-duty super glue, attach a magnet wherever is convenient, and then glue something metal to the back of your phone case and voila!

Suction Shower Caddies

A similar idea is to use shower caddies in your car for extra handy storage space. Stick a small caddie onto the window inside your car, and you've got yourself a little shelf where you can store extra change, snacks, receipts, or whatever else you might need. 

Wet Dryer Sheets

Dirty windshield

Need to clean bugs and gunk off of your windshield? Don’t worry about carrying around Windex and paper towels. Just bring a few dryer sheets with you! With a little water, they’ll work wonders on your windshield. 

Pool Noodle Seat Belt Cushion

Everyone knows taking turns driving on long road trips allows you to catch some Z’s on the road. But passenger seats are not made for comfortable sleeping, especially with your seatbelt on tightly. For added comfort, try a pool noodle! Make a cut along the length of it so that you can easily fit it around your seatbelt to make a DIY head pillow.

Rain-Proof Film

Getting stuck in heavy rain while driving is not ideal. Getting stuck in heavy rain while navigating in a town you don’t know is a nightmare. It's scary trying to find your way when you can’t see through your windshield or side mirrors. Apply rain-proof film and the raindrops will slide right off, keeping your view nice and clear.

Hide Cash in Your Phone Case

Losing your wallet while out on the road can be devastating. Sure, you can cancel your credit card. But then how do you get to the money in your account? Savvy travelers are known to hide money in their shoes, in their luggage, or in all manner of hidden pockets. But you really don’t need to get that creative. Just take your phone out of its case and plant a few bills for emergencies.

Cupcake Liners for Cup Holders

Cupcake liners

You’re more than likely going to be snacking in the car on any long trip, and keeping crumbs out of nooks and crannies is a pain. One thing you can do to keep things clean is put cupcake liners in your cup holders. They’ll catch debris that falls into them, and then you can just discard them when you’re cleaning up.

Makeshift Garbage Can

Long trips usually result in a lot of garbage. You need to keep your car clean, and sometimes just having a plastic bag floating around the car doesn’t quite cut it. Try bringing a small container that you can put a grocery bag into to hold all that trash. A plastic cereal container works perfectly, but you can use any container you have lying around the house.

Hanging Shoe Organizer

A hanging shoe holder isn’t just good for storing shoes. You can fit it around the back of the front seats for some easy-access storage on your trip. It’s a great place to store toys if you’ve got kids riding in the back seat. The more entertained they are, the better for everyone in the car!

Contact Info on Locked Phone Screen

Losing your phone on a trip can really put a damper on your vacation. Many people will try to find the owner of a phone that they find, but how would they get a hold of you? If you change your lock screen to include your name, email address, and/or the number of someone you are traveling with, then any good samaritan who finds your device will be able to get it back to you!


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